Yandex Academy has developed and presented free digital textbooks (manuals) in various areas of IT. The launch of the project was announced at the YaC/e online educational conference.

Yandex Academy has developed free digital textbooks about IT for students and teachers

The first manuals are a platform with theory on the main topics of C++ and Python: basic constructs and working with memory, the standard library, and idioms. At the same time, it is possible to go to Yandex.Contest and solve practical problems.

You can read the manuals in order from the beginning, or you can study just the foundation in the selected area or discuss specific topics.

For university professors, Yandex will add a Pro mode, in which you can use textbooks for your own studies, follow the progress of the group and receive analyzes on the results of the students.

Experts from Yandex, St. Petersburg European University, the HSE Faculty of Informatics and others are working on the manuals.

In the future, the academy plans to expand the line of manuals and add digital textbooks on algorithms and data analysis for humanitarian specialists, as well as on other disciplines that are in demand among IT specialists.


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