SberMegaMarket has expanded its “click for delivery” zone to 47 cities. The pilot of the service was launched in St. Petersburg, then Moscow connected to it. In this format, you can arrange delivery of an order in the amount of 500 rubles.

SberMegaMarket expanded its “click-to-delivery” zone to 47 cities

The press service of SberMegaMarket spoke about the expansion of the geography of the “click-delivery” service.

The new delivery service now operates in 47 Russian cities. The market press service did not specify which cities were recently connected to the service. This information is also missing from the company’s website.

Petersburg became the pilot city for the launch of the service. Later, “click delivery” began to work in Moscow.

Click-to-click delivery works like this: a customer buys a product, it’s delivered to the nearest dark store, after which the customer chooses a specific time to receive the order. The courier will deliver the order in 15 minutes.

The click-to-click delivery service works for orders over 500 rubles, the dimensions of the products should not exceed 50x33x24 cm, and the weight should not exceed 10 kg.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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