WhatsApp recently significantly increased the maximum number of people in each of its groups and this year it has jumped rapidly from 256 participants this year to 1024 participants. Now the app is looking for ways to less overload its users with the amount of notifications.

staff WaBetaInfo noticed that the messaging app has a new default configuration in beta for testing. WhatsApp build automatically mutes groups of more than 256 people and only lets the user know that the change has been made.

Auto mute works as soon as you join a group that already has more than 256 people, and activates itself when a group you’re already in reaches the 257th person. The new feature is still being tested and not every WhatsApp beta user has access to it.

Auto mute can of course be turned off. To mute or unmute a group or contact, simply access the WhatsApp settings as you normally would.

As mentioned, autoconfig is in testing, but it looks like it’s some kind of feature that eventually makes its way to the main version of WhatsApp. So, if you’re interested in the innovation but don’t want to join the beta, just hope it doesn’t take this long for the update to roll out to all users.

Source: Tec Mundo

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