the fragmentation in Androidensures that some features are not fully utilized, especially when it comes to customizations used by many manufacturers. An example is Do Not Disturb mode, where it has problems being detected by some apps. An example What’s up?but it looks like the company will fix it.

One of the most common faults voice calls which allows messaging app -not so much with WhatsApp messages-. Since the operation of the tool we are talking about is not standard in many cases, different problems may arise. Do not bother Until it is unknown that a call was made while this function was active. In addition. It looks like the Meta proprietary form has found a way around this issue due to the use of a new API released by Google.

A solution that finally works on WhatsApp

When you activate the Do Not Disturb function, what you want is for nothing to disturb a moment of concentration or even sleep. However, this does not mean that the user does not want to find out what happened, while nothing bothers him. And that’s exactly what happens tested with the latest beta version of the messaging app.

New option for do not disturb calls on WhatsApp


Until now, the usual thing was that when a call was received and not answered, it was reflected as lost in the app. Without further explanation. Thanks to the new API in Android (not so new but now using WhatsApp), What is detected when Do Not Disturb mode is active. And in this way, when viewing the chat of a particular person, a message appears that makes it very clear. Even in the list of voice calls that are under development and available on the first screen, a message is also included for clarity. A good option, no doubt.

By the way, the caller has no way of knowing whether Do Not Disturb is enabled or not, because the only thing for him is that he does not get a response. Well, information As we discussed earlier special. So there is no problem in this regard.

An innovation in testing

As always with WhatsApp, only those who currently have the version of the app that allows testing new features before they reach the stable app can enjoy the functionality we mentioned (you have to use it) or higher for Android). Of course, it cannot be expected that it will not take long for the innovation to reach everyone within a month at the most, since we are talking about changes whose integration is not particularly complicated. Of course, for many, this change is the most positive.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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