OS Windows 11 Microsoft is constantly getting new features, and one that’s coming soon in development is related to an additional useful function in the Task Manager. However, the use of this tool will be much more effective, which is always positive.

The new functionality they’ve prepared at Redmond is a change that goes far beyond mere aesthetics, which is the big improvement in the Task Manager with the arrival of Windows 11. caller this allows you to find applications you want to close, or even processes that may be preventing the computer from working properly, much faster. Yes, it’s a request that users haven’t stopped asking Microsoft for years.

A very important improvement in Windows 11

Given that the Task Manager is essential for closing applications or processes that are causing problems (or consuming too much system resources), it is clear that being able to find them in a simpler way is vital. And this is what the search bar offers, which will soon become part of the Microsoft operating system. By the way, it will be located in a fairly obvious place: upper middle area Therefore, there will be no loss of the window you see the tool and access will be very intuitive.

New Finder in Windows 11 Task Manager


There are a few details to know about the new feature. First, the caller incremental, so it displays all the options that match part of the name. In this way, it is possible to find what you want to find in a much simpler way. Also, a key combination has been added to use the new utility. This Alt+Fso you don’t have to use the mouse if you don’t want to.

The arrival of this new tool

Those who currently have access to trial versions of Windows 11 can enjoy the search engine, so we’re not talking about a change that anyone can use. The date this will happen has not been provided by Microsoft, but it is hoped. don’t take too long stepping up, the functionality it currently offers is excellent. By the way, another change coming soon to the Task Manager is the ability to change the color of the theme used.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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