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1. Dawn lamp Sajitor


The smallest oriental lamp. There are no own “brains”, but nothing prevents their implementation with the help of a smart socket, and getting an effective turn-on at the right time by a timer.

The brightness of nature is in heredity, so the device is well replaced and a night light.

Price: 916 256 rub.

2. Amazfit GTR 2e smart watch


One of the most successful smartwatch models is cheap and has everything you need: have a full set of sensors (and heart rate can be measured around the clock) with high accuracy, a durable case and a week of autonomy.

From version without index e is distinguished by the absence of dynamics and the non-operating nuclear fuel cycle in Russia.

Price: 12884 5154 rub.

3. Baseus external battery


A compact analogue of Apple’s branded external battery with a MagSafe mount. The copy works just as well.

It is also compatible with others using the same magnetic rings. Can charge the device via USB (including wireless charging).

Price: 3768 1620 rub.

4. Naturehike sleeping bag


Warm sleeping bag available in 2 versions: for minus 10 and minus 17 Celsius. Does not get wet, well removes excess moisture inside.

Due to the lightning, you can combine 2 or more into a single space. Or use as a separate mattress and duvet.

Price: 7968 3347 rub.

5. Tray deodorant DownyPaws


ozone generator for dotted vegetation smells of toilets of the original pets. Covers up to 3 meters.

It works on a signal from the built-in motion sensor and is completely safe for animals. Can be used in other places too.

Price: 2354 1318 rub.

6. Rax Trekking Winter Shoes


An insulated version of the durable “mountain” sneakers of the popular Chinese brand. This time outside – warm genuine leather, inside – wear-resistant faux fur.

Other advantages in the form of a branded last, a particularly chain sole and an orthopedic insole are also in place.

Price: 7184 3448 rub.

7. Anker Bluetooth speaker


A good stereo speaker every day: delivers up to 10 watts, is not afraid of splashes and dust, works up to 24 hours. And it sounds very good.

Price: 3324 2227 rub.

8. Urban backpack Tiregnu


One of the most popular Chinese anti-theft backpacks. Of course, not Bobby, much softer – but he works out his money at 100%.

There is an external USB, and water-repellent impregnation, and a moisture-resistant hidden zipper, and a compartment for a wallet. Then why do you need more?

Price: 3930 1925 rub.

9. Baseus charger


The simplest and most popular GaN charger up to 65W (USB-C only).

Supports Power Delivery and QC 4.0+, suitable for smartphones and laptops. And even at the same time, from a power supply of 45 W via Type C and 18 W via USB-A.

Price: 4774 1241 rub.

10. ZMI wireless headphones


Good headphones with active noise cancellation and good sound at the level of the popular realme Buds 3. Supports wireless charging.

Only the chosen voice assistant spoils the picture – but, on the other hand, there is no money for this money.

Price: 2254 2141 rub.

11. Scshare water dispenser


Advanced home thermopot with a capacity of up to 1.8 liters. Heats the total volume of the tank in 5 minutes, fills a cup of water in just 3 seconds.

Suitable for replacing the kettle, but can get used to the 5 temperature steps.

Price: 5861 5099 rub.

12. Flextailgear micropump


The most compact pump for air mattresses, pillows, balls and bicycles. Powered by a built-in battery, which is enough for a hike.

There is also an LED on board that turns the device into a camping lantern. In summer, of course, it is more needed – but now the price is much more pleasant.

Price: 2034 1301 rub.

13. Sdaris Automatic Waste Bin


Just a very accessible bucket with a lid that opens when a hand approaches.

Price: 1408 902 rub.

14. Mountain tent Blackdeer


A durable chamber that can withstand strong winds and temperatures down to minus 10. Reviews are very pleasant, the price is also.

Designed for 2 people.

Price: 13776 5797 rub.

15. Xiaomi robot dog


A fun kids toy for building a programmable robot dog, very similar to Boston Dynamics.

Price: 2016 967 rub.

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