Ukrainian war It is experiencing one of its worst moments with the recent bombing of Kyiv, which also reportedly hit a city in Poland. While the army and volunteers remain on the front lines, some activists are trying to inform people living in Russia what actually happens in a conflict. One of these initiatives involves the use pirated movies or series that have footage of the war.

Streams of truth (“Streams of Truth”) is a movement led by journalist Vladimir Biryukov, who, with the help of other activists, edit files of popular movies and series insert messages about what is happening in the war in Ukraine. Subsequent video they are downloaded as a torrent to the most popular trackers in Russia for people to download.

When a Russian downloads the first episode Obi-Wan Kenobi or a pirate movie Batman with Demonoid or RuTracker, it actually downloads a forged file that includes testimonials and photos of people affected by the war. Purpose of the Streams of Truth bypass the Russian propaganda machine which controls what is broadcast in the country. Biryukov and company are using a new law legalizing intellectual property theft to counter economic sanctions.

war video masquerading as Netflix series or popular Hollywood movies. Russians who are unable to access streaming services or movies due to sanctions are turning to torrenting to satisfy their need for entertainment. Even some cinemas in Russia have begun showing pirated films to keep the business going.

Flow Spiderman: No Way Home includes images of the war

YouTube video

when someone downloads Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness (2022) RUS SUBS Russian subtitles 1080p HDTS x264 and plays it will be interrupted by a message from Torrents of Truth. The ads are presented as if they were advertisements in which activists detail about the atrocities committed by Russia in some cities. As a result, the Ukrainian journalist asks the viewer to open the ReadMe.txt file, which includes trusted sources to find out.

This is not what you expected to see. But this is what you should see. Truth.

Streams of truth

The initiative is the work of creative agency Nebo, launched in early June. By date 21 modified torrents circulate on trackers for example The Pirate Bay, 1337x, Demonoid or RuTracker. The files include not only movies or series, but also software such as Photoshop, Adobe Master Collection or a Rammstein concert.

Most Russians do not know what is happening in Ukraine

Woman protests against war in Ukraine |  Russia
Credit: Cathy Godowsky

“Most Russians don’t know what’s really going on in Ukraine. It is impossible for them to find out the truth in a country where the Kremlin forbids talking about it on TV channels and in newspapers,” said Guillaume Ruhomovsky, creative director of 72andSunny, the agencies supporting the program. “The goal of Torrents of Truth is to open a massive new covert channel that empowers journalists in the face of this information war,” he said.

According to Torrents of Truth, 43% of Russians buy movies and TV shows illegally. It means that 62 million people will be exposed to the messages of this initiative.. The effort allowed 4 Russian journalists to access information about what is happening in Ukraine in order to share it with more people.

The only downside is that those who do not obey the laws of the Kremlin will be subject to fine up to 45,000 euros and 15 years in prison.

Source: Hiper Textual

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