Today, an enterprise called “ODK-Kuznetsov” from Samara (part of the structure of “Rostec”) launched new technological buildings, in which, in addition to other products, the production of new engines with the code “Product of the Russian Federation” will be launched – they will be equipped with advanced aircraft long-range operation more known as PAK YES.

In particular, the new line used for tool production and having an area of ​​2.4 m3 will be occupied with the production of fittings, as well as tools used for technological assembly of the main models of domestic aircraft engines.


The start of operation of new production buildings, investments in construction amounted to about 4 million rubles, it is likely that the enterprise will double the volume of manufactured components and assemblies for several aircraft engines, including NK-32-02 (Tu-160), as well as RF Product (PAK YES).

The general business, which relies on the likes of modernization and r r and u and To date, 12 completely new production facilities have been completed and put into esatation. completion.

Source: Tech Cult

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