The Intelligence Division of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) is trying to uncover the names of those who blocked highways in Brazil after the outcome of the presidential election, as well as those who staged anti-democratic demonstrations across the country. wikipedia🇧🇷

A letter to the digital encyclopedia signed by the company’s Director of Intelligence, Luís Carlos Resichak Júnior, disputes an entry that identifies Silvinei Vasques, the general director of the police force. The publication describes the executive as “Bolsonian” and PRF classified as incomplete in the fight against illegal barricades.

The agency responsible for patrolling major highways and federal roads has requested that its “max leader” page be deleted, while expressing that “the content is clearly politically biased and the addition of derogatory information” is “overexposure of the company”.

Why did Silvinei’s name become notorious?

To be published on Wikipedia, topics must have “significant coverage from reliable and independent sources.” In this sense, Silvinei’s name has come to the fore in many national and international media. After the PRF inspection operations on the second round day of the presidential elections🇧🇷

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) had determined the previous day that free voter transport buses should not be stopped under any circumstances. However, the PRF launched an attack on the roads and stopped more than 600 vehicles traveling in the Northeast area, a notorious electoral stronghold of elected candidate Lula.

In addition to these events, the performance of the PRF has also been questioned – this time by the Federal Ministry of the Public (MPF) – in illegal roadblocks by alleged Bolsonarist voters dissatisfied with the election results. Vasques’ performance in two episodes is being investigated in an investigation by the Federal Police.

Source: Tec Mundo

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