At the COP27 climate summit, Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister said that there was no more hope left in his country – it was doomed to disappear from the face of the planet. For this reason, the authorities of Tuvalu decided to create a digital form of their state ahead of time and move Tuvalu to the metaverse for gathering in the cloud on the server. Away from the World, the level of which is constantly growing – largely due to the inactivity of the ocean of people.

A year ago, the authorities of Tuvalu are already calling on the whole world to unite in the fight against global warming. For Tuvalu, it doesn’t really matter how many fractions of degrees the global temperature rises – an island state in the Pacific Ocean will be required in any scenario. The difference is that if you try to slow down this process, at least until the end of the planet, then there is a chance to save the culture, historical heritage and the people of Tuvalu themselves.

In light of the emergence of controversy, it is clear that any coordinated program of decarbonization of acinacinacinacin. Freezing countries without access to cheap energy will ignore all calls for exclusion and allow any worlds to be able to survive the citizens. In Tuvalu, they resigned themselves to the fact that the world would not help them, so they replaced the accessories. Also, I could first look at the nations with which we are outwardly very satisfied and astute to virtualization space.

Source: Tech Cult

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