Little by little, and much slower than originally thought, augmented reality is coming for everyone to enjoy. An example is the incoming new function. google maps Which you can see in a very different way from the cities in the famous application of Mountain View company.

The application is specially implemented in the Street View function, which is in the development of Google, and its purpose is that anyone who wants to find something on any street of the city in question can do so in an unprecedented way. And in addition, with such an intuitive operation that it sounds amazing. The newcomer has his own name, live viewand allows you to see its corners live practically. Meanwhile, it includes a custom button -and without glasses- in the application so that there are no errors when using it.

Seamless in the new Google Maps option

When the new function is accessed using the button mentioned above, the terminal must be positioned so that it is focused with the target. camera street you are on and that way the app starts detecting the data it needs to run Live View. That being the case, augmented reality works its magic, showing interesting data such as subway stations, existing parks, and even related businesses nearby (which can be accessed to find out their location). ).

home augmented reality on Google Maps


A different way of going from place to place in cities and a sanction of realism with indicators that were impossible to reach before. Operation is optimal without significant delay in the emergence of new information as the user moves. Of course, there are currently a few locations with the new Google Maps option enabled. These are: Tokyo, London, New York; Paris, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Much more will come.

A few more things in the app

These are the beginning of the rollout of two new features for Google Maps that have been announced but not made available to users. On the one hand, the power was effectively improved find electric charger for cars, increase in pressure and in corners of the world where data is available (it will even be possible to perform search filters). Second arrival, now in the knowledge of the places in the database of the application it will be possible to know if the place in question has submitted an offer. accessibility for persons in wheelchairs -or other disabilities.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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