Twitter wants to take it one step further by offering users the ability to choose who can see and interact with their content, and it does so with a new tool called twitter circle. The feature, similar to Instagram’s “best friends”, is for messaging those who are closest or most trusted in order to, in the company’s words, “have more intimate conversations and form stronger bonds with a smaller audience.”

The tool allows a person to choose which accounts can see and interact with the tweet or post. To do this, the user must first create a list of a maximum of 150 people and choose with whom he wants to share the publication before sending it; whether it be with all his followers or with his entourage. In the meantime, accounts in that circle will see content with a green badge that will appear below the tweet.

Twitter also doesn’t allow accounts that are part of this small group to retweet or share content, but they can reply to tweets if the owner wishes. On the other hand, the user who created the list you can change it at any timeoy remove or add members without notifying them.

A new way to avoid additional or private Twitter accounts

Twitter iPhone
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New tool, for now, is under testing for some users around the world. It can be configured both in the application for iOS and Android, and through the web version.

Twitter intends to use this feature as alternative to creating child accounts. In fact, in them, users usually share more personal content for their friends or confidants. Twitter Circles will also eliminate the need for users to change their account settings to public or private every time they want a tweet to have more reach.

In addition, the company is developing additional features to ensure the security and privacy of users. One of these features is the possibility remove subscribers without blocking them, something that is also available on Instagram. A social network, on the other hand, allows you to choose which people can reply to or interact with a tweet both before and after it is sent. Twitter is also working on the ability to offer third-party apps that help prevent harassment on the platform.

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