Russian laptop brand Irbis has expanded its lineup of Chinese-made devices with models running Windows 11 Pro and Astra Linux home, according to the company’s website.

Irbis started producing Microsoft operating system laptops in Chinese factories

The laptops received 11th and 12th generation AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors. Astra Linux told Kommersant that the operating system will be pre-installed at a Chinese factory and the devices will go on sale on M.Video and DNS networks in December. The cost of models starts from 29 thousand rubles.

Dmitry Chivin, head of Irbis at the Teolan distributor, spoke about the brand’s plans to acquire Astra Linux certification for installation on other computer models. According to him, consumers have become more interested in devices with the Russian operating system.

At the same time, one of the sources of the publication noted the not very high quality of the previous Irbis products.

“Even if Irbis now offers modern features, consumers associate the brand with a mid-range product, so sales of the new line are unlikely to be high,” the source explained.

According to another source, Irbis’s market share growth prospects could be affected by sanctions-induced supply problems from foreign suppliers. According to him, the fact that users tend to choose devices with the well-known Microsoft operating system will play in favor of the company. He also added that Chinese partners may face secondary sanctions if they supply devices with US components to Russian companies.

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