On Thursday night (17), hundreds of employees left Twitter after an ultimatum from the social network’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk. According to him, employees would have to decide between moving on, adopting a new “hard work culture” or being fired. With the reaction, projections containing curses were made at the company’s building in San Francisco, USA.

“Elon Musk, shut up”says one of the expressions projected onto the building. In another message, an arrow points to the name “@Twitter” on the side of the building and reads “she’s bankrupt”. The hashtag “#StopToxicTwitter” and “Proofs Elon Musk is stupid” were also among the guesses.

Most of the projections were posted on social networks. In one video, Elon Musk’s name appears before the constantly exchanged phrases. They all attack the entrepreneur, starting with the rebellion that started with the changes made by the manager in the company.

Just yesterday, after the employees left, Twitter has decided to block site access badges until Monday (21).🇧🇷 Twitter’s layoffs following its $44 billion acquisition of Musk have already reached 7,500 employees.

In response to a network user, Musk wasn’t too worried about employees leaving. “The best people stay, so I’m not too worried”said.

Other social networks stand out

According to an employee of the platform, Twitter is in serious danger of “breaking”. Meanwhile, other social networks gained fame with the reflections of the case. In both Brazil and the US, names like Tumblr, Mastodon, Orkut, BlueSky and others are trending topics on the social network, while the hashtag “#RIPTwitter” remains at the top.


Source: Tec Mundo

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