The standard Lightning cable for iPhone charging breaks down over time and becomes unusable.

In addition, it is very short, only one meter. This situation is often not enough, especially if the outlet is located far away.

Yandex Market sells an inexpensive Baseus cable that can solve two problems.

The length is three meters. This is enough to charge the device almost anywhere.

The second embodiment in a fabric braid. It is much more reliable than conventional rubber threads.

For pet owners, the fact that in cats and dogs, the fabric cable is much more difficult to chew through is a plus.

The cord connects to the power adapter via USB-A. Fast charging does not work.

On the Yandex Market, a three-meter Baseus cable costs 460 rubles.

Ps If you’re looking for a similar Lightning but with USB-C on the end for fast charging, then Baseus has a 2m long alternative. It costs 490 rubles. [Реклама]

Source: Iphones RU

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