Monetization can piss off millions of consumers around the world, but it still conquers new ones. Mercedes has announced the launch of the “Increased Performance” (increased acceleration) service for its EQS or EQE electric vehicles. It costs $1,200 and they unlock it, and that’s what’s in the car, it’s the coolest multiplier.

This innovation is suitable for electric vehicles, and the parameters are easier to adjust with a gentle attitude than for cars with internal combustion engines. Firstly, it is impossible to accelerate from 100 km / h to 1 sec from 0.8 sec – from the whole 20%. The description of the option states that after activating the service, all parameters of the electric motor will be improved. This means that they are initially underestimated by default.

It is hard not to recall the history of BMW’s recent initiative to introduce additional paid options for heated seats and steering wheel for a modest $18 and $12 per month, respectively. A trifle to look for with $1200 in the Mercedes request, but even that caused a stir, talented hackers quickly cracked the system and returned the owners of the cars to warmth. Alas, this is the reason for manufacturers who refuse the reliability of equipment under warranty, so proyakanos will continue.

Source: Tech Cult

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