AllWith the arrival of the digital age, we must keep in mind that we are exposed to many risks while surfing the internet on our mobile phone.Dishonest activities and obscene content have been adapted to carve out a niche in the world of technology, and the most vulnerable are minors.

It is common for adults to encounter all kinds of situations while browsing through their phones; for example, exposure to sexually explicit content. However, if you have children with mobile devices and want to protect them from such broadcasts, here we tell you what to do.

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Accessing explicit content is very simple; basically almost anyone can find it and that includes kids.

According to Google, if you want to filter sexually explicit search results on your children’s mobile phones, here’s what you need to do:

If you don’t have the Google app, do the following:

In this way, your children’s access to inappropriate content will be restricted and they will be able to browse the internet more freely. Again, Remember that the time they can use electronic devices should always be supervised and limited.

Apps can also be a dangerous factor that can put your children’s safety at risk. If you want to control what applications minors download to their mobile phones, you should follow these steps:

To block an app:

To always select allowed apps

Be careful here because Google says yes, press “Block” Apps that are always allowed will not be available. For this to change, you need to change this parameter from the mobile device’s lock screen:

This way You can prevent your children from accessing inappropriate content or adult apps. In any case, it is very important to be careful when the little ones at home have electronic devices.


Source: Exame

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