Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple installs MagSafe on iPhones. These are magnets hidden inside the case, which includes various accessories.

Including with MagSafe, you can use wireless charging.

AliExpress just sells an inexpensive Anker charger for iPhones with MagSafe.

The charger is made in the form of a washer, which is attached to the iPhone case using magnets.

With this mobile phone, you can connect your smartphone to wireless charging to transfer it properly.

In addition, charging with MagSafe can simultaneously charge and use the iPhone in any position. While with wireless wireless charging, this will not work.

The fiber length is 1.5 meters. The device is connected to the power supply via USB-C. Charging power is 7.5W.

On AliExpress, Anker wireless charging with MagSafe costs 676 rubles. Free shipping is carried out from the Russian warehouse. Advertising

Source: Iphones RU

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