Russian sellers of video cards announced a 40-50% drop in prices for them. In the fall, demand for the devices began to decline after the Ethereum cryptocurrency switched to a protocol that excludes the use of computing power from video cards for mining.

Russian video card vendors reported price reduction for them after Ethereum protocol change

Kommersant writes about the situation in the Russian market for video cards and other components for computers, citing vendors of devices.

Mid-price segment video card prices in November were down nearly 50% year-on-year in the Ozon market, with M.Video-Eldorado reporting a 40% price drop and Marvel Distribution 20%.

Video cards began to become cheaper in September after the Ethereum cryptocurrency switched to a new protocol, which excludes the use of video card computing power for cryptocurrency mining, as a result of which miners began to sell bulk devices. Experts noted the current situation in Asian countries, where miners began to sell video cards not by piece, but by weight – an average of $450 per kilogram.

However, other components for the computer also fell in price, for example, blocks of RAM – the average price drop was 20%. However, there are components that have risen in price: these are motherboards that have become more expensive by an average of 16%, experts say.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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