Since June, the Ministry of Digital Development has been proposing to fine for the leakage of biometric data. Now I want to make conditions even harder.

Among the aggravating factors taken in food, the nature of the leaked data on the flora is accepted. If the network includes “databases (or parts thereof) containing a “special scale” of PD or biometric PD”, then this will be taken into account when assigning an administrative fee. How exactly this fact will affect the size of the fine is unknown.

Mitigating effects include offers of compensation for damages from leaks and voluntary data security audits.

As Ekaterina Tyagai, a partner at Pen & Paper lawyers, noted, the revision does not export which data are biometric.

For example, according to the Ministry of Digital Development, biometric PD includes “a photographic image and information used to protect a single and / or multiple passage in protected areas and owned by a citizen.

– export expert

In the current version of the audit, a company that has leaked data of 1,000–10,000 citizens faces a fine of up to 5 million rubles, and a superficial view – up to 600,000 rubles.

If more than 10,000 records are leaked, a fine for the company is calculated up to 10 million rubles, and for target persons – up to 800,000 rubles. Repeated leaks will cost organizations 0.5-3% of revenue per year. [Ведомости]

Source: Iphones RU

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