Sber has opened free public access to the SaluteSpeech speech recognition and synthesis platform. Previously, only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs could use it, now it can be used by individual developers, students, bloggers and other interested parties.

SberDevices opens free public access to the SaluteSpeech speech synthesis platform

Sberbank’s press service announced the opening of access to the SaluteSpeech platform for everyone. Registration is required to use the platform.

SaluteSpeech services recognize and synthesize speech, voice technologies can be connected to the platform in an answering machine, chat, video dubbing and voice input. Previously, the platform could only be used by individual entrepreneurs and legal entities within the paid version.

The free-for-all version is limited: 100 minutes of speech recognition and 200 thousand characters for text synthesis are available to the user for non-commercial use.

Sberbank’s press service explained that SaluteSpeech can be used for various purposes, for example, bloggers – to voice videos, students – to transcribe lectures, authors – to create audiobooks.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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