Thousands of Vietnamese wanted to watch the World Cup in Qatar without paying a cable TV subscription, so many resorted to the typical trick of looking for free links on the Internet. Eventually, promises to watch the World Cup in Qatar for free led them to a series of YouTube channels promising to broadcast the World Cup’s stellar matches.

So far, nothing out of the ordinary. Various channels offered matches with attractive titles such as Live Germany-Japan, November 23, Group E World Cup 2022. And they really broadcast these matches live. The problem is they were fake. So fake that users watched were FIFA 23 matches pixelated and with Vietnamese narration.

As if that wasn’t enough, the situation is even more hilarious. Since there are connection issues in many regions of Vietnam, the video was blurry at first and it was not a live stream of the game. but were like screen printsso initially gave a hit.

World Cup in Qatar, yes, but in FIFA 23

Another problem is that, in addition, they included Vietnamese comments, just like in legitimate rebroadcasts. The perfect combination that made thousands of viewers watch a completely fake game for a long time. This was told by one of the affected Vietnamese media. vnexpress

“Until I read the commentary on the live stream and saw close-ups of the players’ faces, I didn’t realize it was footage from the FIFA 23 video game,” he said.

Hai Hoang in vnexpress comments.

And a lot of unsuspecting people fell into this trap, supposedly designed to make money by inserting ads on YouTube. Tens of thousands of people ended up watching fake World Cup matches on YouTube.

There was life on youtube with fake matches with almost 40,000 spectators at the same time, all with broadcasts of blurry matches from FIFA23. In the comments section, logically, thousands of users complained about the farce.

As a result, one thing is clear, scam or not, the channels broadcast those games that the title of the videos promised. It wasn’t what they expected, but at least they were coincidences. Just not from the World Cup in Qatar. Just like real players.

Source: Hiper Textual

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