For a while, every year spotify starts a summary of the year for each user. In this you can check some remarkable data. But the most important thing is the list of songs you listen to the most. We tell you how to access this year’s 2022 so you can enjoy such content.

We’re talking about what’s known as 2022 wrapped, is an option that pops up in one of Spotify’s corners without you realizing it. Specifically, in clients for mobile devices (including iPad). So there is nothing to use the software for the computer or player that exists for the browser. The truth is that you can already access the summary we have mentioned, and getting it is a very simple thing, as we will explain.

Don’t miss your 2022 music highlights on Spotify

The truth is, the Wrapped 2022 domain isn’t the most accessible, but it’s not hidden either. To use it, yes, in the summary you see as soon as you enter the music streaming platform’s client, it’s more than possible that you won’t see it. But don’t worry, you’ll see it in a few minutes. A few minute You can enjoy your favorite songs of the year… that’s all.

Newly Wrapped 2022 on Spotify

Smart Life

Basically, what you need to do is click on the section at the bottom of the application. Call. This will take you to the top left where you can see the new add-on that Spotify has created in a personalized way that gives you access to the year’s highlights. Simply click on the Wrapped 2022 area and you will automatically enter that section and you will see a mix of colors there; first here is the summary of the year, which is a list generated by the usage you gave it. different songs you listen to.

Another thing

Apart from the ones already mentioned, if you scroll down regularly, you will see that there are different options that might interest you. So, for example, there are these lists: best of the year close to the terminal; you’ll also find options featuring the most important themes of 2022 (including a range of artists); and even digital audio file Since the service heavily bets on this type of content, here are the highlights of the platform. So, you have a great new feature on Spotify that you can enjoy at no cost as it is fully functional on free accounts.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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