The world’s leading space powers are actively taking root in the exploration of the Moon – moreover, in the coming years. One of these is the name — a generous $57.2 million “advance” from NASA to ICON for the lunar years of the 3D printing method on Project Olympus.

According to the American online publication Axios, if the landing of NASA astronauts on the moon during the Artemis mission is carried out as expected, then the houses for its participants should be ready by 2026.

According to ICON director Jason Balard, houses for lunar colonists will be different and light. They will be made from “local” materials – lunar dust, fragments of stones and soil, since the extraction of building materials from the Earth will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, which are unbearable for the country’s budget.

Icon Building Group is a widespread company that specializes in WEBS. The company, received from NASA, intends to release for the study of lunar soil in gravity using samples brought by the astronauts of the mission. “Apollo”.

Source: Tech Cult

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