The manufacturer Baskin Robbins in Russia will register a new brand, the share of friendly coins in settlements has doubled, a surplus of employees in public catering and other news on December 2, in the RB.RU summary.

The new Baskin Robbins brand, computer owners will be able to earn money from gamers: the main thing on December 2


  • One by one, Russian brokers submit requests to European regulators to unlock their clients’ assets: Tinkoff Investments, BCS World of Investments and the Chamber of Investments have already done so. The unlocking of securities implies the possibility of their transfer from the sanctioned NSD to other secure storage places.
  • The share of friendly coins in settlements has doubled since the beginning of the year. Regulators have begun building a new payment infrastructure.


  • The Russian manufacturer Baskin Robbins will register a new brand BRandICE. This may be due to the loss of the right to use the Baskin Robbins trademark.
  • In the restaurant market, after the departure of foreign companies, a surplus of employees was formed. In January-October, the number of applicants in this area grew 47% year-on-year, reaching a record 269 thousand people.
  • Computer owners will be able to earn money from the players. To do this, they will have to lease the power of their equipment.
  • Tatar ICL will start production of motherboards in 2023. The boards will be compatible with domestic Baikal and Elbrus processors.


  • In November, cybersecurity experts recorded a sharp increase in Internet bot activity. First of all, the markets, where the sales took place throughout the month, were the object of their attacks. Such bot activity may prevent users from making purchases and, for unprotected store resources, will distort actual attendance statistics and affect the resource’s position in search results.


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