On Netflix, the release of the series “Wednesday”.

This is a kind of offshoot from the Adams Family community to everyone, dedicated specifically to a girl named Wednesday. Showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are responsible for the project.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it was directed by Tim Burton. He did not star in the only series, although he was one of the main creative persons.

Burton could have done The Adams Family Game for a long time, he was experimentally shot a fast movie in the 90s, but then he left him, then he wanted to make an animated series about the family, but it didn’t work out either – he got a mediocre picture, to which was filmed by the director and did not have a hand.

And now Burton got to the project. We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Is there a Burton here at all?

The answer to this question right away is the name of that director in a catastrophically small project. But that doesn’t make him bad.

What is the series about: Wednesday, daughter of Gomez and Marticia Adams, Justice in another scandal.

Local schoolchildren offended her brother, she decides to take revenge on them and reproduces hungry piranhas in the pool. In the end, two dead, the girl is assumed to be from the school, and her transfer to Nevermore itself is a school for “freaks” in which vampires, werewolves and other uncleanness study.

But even there, Wednesday shows itself from the “best” side and the involvement of the whole society. It also turns out that she was destined by fate in this educational institution.

Let’s get clean. This series can and should be evaluated in an excerpt from The Addams Family, because as an independent project it is a high-quality and interesting series. You will see a little.

This was to be expected, because the scriptwriters of Smallville and Spider-Man 2 (I’m talking about Sam Raimi’s film) are in the lead.

From the usual gothic nature, we meet only a small minuscule, adaptable to the arrangement of Nevermore and Wednesday’s outfits. But at the same time creepy atmosphere in the water park reigns constantly.

The series should be considered more like a teenage horror movie with true characters. Yes, they are plus or minus the same as they were in the original, but they show very few features. But this does not prevent watching the series, because other moments have become decisive.

The main highlight of the picture is Wednesday. Jenna Ortega is perfect for the role of a little maniac, she lives life perfectly with her character and inspires horror with her look. Especially in moments when he clearly looks directly into the camera and does not even blink.

The direction of the plot is also correct. it detective movie, in which we solve the main secrets together with the heroine. And let the final twist closer to the middle of the season is read, it is interesting precisely for how the authors of the planet to its development.

There were also references to the original painting. The creators somehow found a discovery, retaining the main message of the film and the old detective – family love. By the way, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1991 film, will also appear here. This is a very nice bonus.

While the family itself is rare, its spirit has evolved into a 2022 novelty. Yes, here, by the name of an eccentric, we meet among an ordinary family even with Uncle Fester, but the emphasis is still on the computer.

It’s more of a story about friendship and coincidence, a thriller-detective.

I pay special attention to dialogues and their submission. They work really fast here. high level and perfectly sarcastic over the reality of our modern world.

Creepy but not scary

The show isn’t scary, but it was terrifying. Actually, no one expected that we would have a full-fledged horror movie in front of us.

The main pushers do on Wednesday investigations. And they are great with that. Even taking into account the fact that you will know the answer to the main question before the finale, the authors will skillfully manage the observation of the nose and release the time bomb. There is everything here: humor, mystery and fear, although not in a completely familiar world of feelings.

The atmosphere of the creepy gathering builds up throughout the action. It manifests itself not only in the surroundings, but also in the actions and thoughts of the characters.

All the main characters were bright and original, they can surprise and pleasantly decorate the pastime. There is a lot of emphasis on female characters.

What do you expect from Netflix? This is far from all, there is also a typical “netflix” in the novelty, but it is relegated to the background and not focused on.

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“Wednesday” got an interesting series with its own style and light notes of Burton.

This is a good teenage (mostly, but not only) movie that skillfully plays on feelings and makes you look further. And after all, the audience themselves also appreciated it – the series became the best release among the Russian-language shows on Netflix. In the week since its release, the series has watched 341.2 million hours, it became number one in 81 countries, even going beyond the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Take a look, you won’t regret it. This is a great weekend movie.

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