games in style permanent death It’s no longer the rule in the video game industry, but it has many fans, usually because of its higher difficulty. As the name suggests, these are titles where the character’s death is permanent and losing means returning to the beginning of the world, the stage, or even the entire game.

As the industry increasingly focuses on longer, easier games rather than the short, challenging adventures of the 1980s, permanent death tends to require more patience, challenge players, and demand more playing time.

If you enjoy such challenges, discover 4 unmissable games:

4. Game hades

As the name suggests, this game is inspired by Greek mythology. Here we take control of the hasty Zagreu as we try to escape the different levels of Hell, but there’s a trick: whenever we lose a life, we have to start the journey almost from scratch in the best roguelike style!

With many gods and demigods to encounter and powers to be used in battle, it was one of the main candidates for best game of the year in 2020.

3. Game Dead Cells

Dead Cells with high difficulty are only for the strong

Another representative of the roguelike genre, but now more oriented towards the rhythm and aesthetics of the titles in the Metroidvania series. Dead Cells It offers a high level of challenge and a real marathon until you reach your final boss. Gradually more powers are activated as you explore maps full of secrets and kickbacks with lots of platforms and quick reflex battles.

This title promises to please the hardest gamers looking for a truly challenging game. By the way, in 2023 the game received an excellent thematic DLC featuring characters and themes from the classic Castlevania; this is a great opportunity to explore or revisit the game.

2. Game darkest dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is pretty brutal, and every team member killed is lost forever.

Although not exactly the same genre as the classic fire emblem from Nintendo, darkest dungeon has one strong common point: the warriors you recruit can be lost forever if they fall into the battlefield, greatly increasing the risk of encounters.

The idea is to make good use of each character’s unique strengths and skills to face increasingly challenging dungeons… in the hope that they don’t fall in battle, of course.

1. Game Diablo III

Diablo III has a very high difficulty permanent death mode!

It is difficult to reconcile with nature, even in its most basic difficulties. Devil permadeath, precisely because the fun is usually to create a character and then level up as much as possible without major worries other than getting the best loot.

But Blizzard has added an ultra-hardcore mode for only the most skilled and experienced players, where every death is permanent, whenever it happens. It is extremely cruel and punishing as you can lose access to a character that has spent hundreds of hours leveling up.

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