The FIFA+ app has attracted the attention of many football fans. Free streaming of all World Cup matches Free in Brazil. However, the platform goes further and has other interesting features, including: augmented reality.

Videos showing FIFA+ being used in stadiums in Qatar are going viral on social networks. Using the platform, fans can access special interactions during the match, providing extra information during the match. Check out one of the recordings showing the app in action.

As announced in an official statement by the football association, the solution is called the “FIFA+ Stadium Experience” and it brings the use of augmented reality to improve visibility directly from Qatar stands. “For fans watching the match in the stadium, the functionality available in the app allows FIFA+ users to experience the action like never before,” the agency explains.

What can you see in the FIFA+ app in the stadium?

By activating the augmented reality function of FIFA+, the user can follow in real time various important information about the game that can only be found in the TV broadcast. The platform allows, for example, to track the heatmap, status and details captured in the game in real time.

It is also possible to see different camera angles of the match and even watch replays and decisions leading to VAR. According to FIFA, the goal of the solution is to complete the stadium experience, not to ensure that the user is always 100% connected to the game via mobile phone.

While the augmented reality experience is only available in stadiums, Brazilians can use special FIFA+ functions at home. The country streams all World Cup matches for free on PC and Android and iOS smartphones – check out our guide on how to use the app on TV.

Source: Tec Mundo

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