iOS 16 will release next Monday, but you can already download the final version if you’re a developer. Although the novelties are already well known to everyone, Apple continues to add interesting features to the system. As published in 9to5mac, iOS 16 is able to identify fake AirPods that connect to the iPhone.

So far, fake AirPods, some of which have been very successful, have been connected and could pass as genuine in the eyes of the system, although their functionality, apart from quick connection, was different. Namely, noise reduction, spatial sound, etc.

However, this has come to an end. The iOS 16 code includes a new alert to warn the user that the AirPods they connect to their iPhone may be counterfeit: “These headphones cannot be tested as genuine AirPods and may not behave as expected”the message says.

iOS 16 doesn’t prevent you from using fake AirPods like a third-party battery not tested by Apple, but it does show a warning message. For those willing to buy fake AirPods, this won’t be a problem, but it’s an interesting change. for those who buy them thinking they are original.

iOS 16 will warn you if your AirPods are fake

Additionally, along with the warning message, a new “More Info” button has also been added, which redirects users to a support article on Apple’s website with more details on how to identify the originals.

And while, as we say, this doesn’t prevent fake AirPods from being used, the warning does offer the user the option to “Don’t connect.” when the headphones are not original, to avoid trouble.

Of course, this won’t affect third-party wireless headphones that aren’t AirPods. The system was created specifically to detect counterfeit AirPods that try to trick the system using Apple’s official protocol.

This isn’t the only thing new for iOS 16 headphones. According to the iOS 16 RC code, AirPods Pro 2 models with a message or Memoji engraved on the case will come with the same message encoded in its memory. As a result, the system will be able to read this message and display the case settings when pairing AirPods with iPhone and iPad.

Source: Hiper Textual

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