Representatives of the Michelin guide, which announced the suspension of work in the Russian Federation, explained how restaurants will be able to use the stars previously assigned to them for marketing and advertising purposes: it will be possible to mention the Michelin star status only with a clear indication of the year and city, when and where the trousseaus were assigned.

The Michelin stars of Moscow restaurants will be strictly linked to the year of assignment

At the same time, Moscow restaurateurs will not be able to reaffirm their star status in 2023, clarifies RBC.

The first national Michelin stars appeared in the country in October 2021, when the Michelin Red Guide for Russia was first published.

Of Moscow’s 69 restaurants, only 9 received stars: 7 one each, Artest-Chef’s Table and Twins Garden two each.

Precisely the month after this event, news appeared about a similar action in Saint Petersburg, but the events of February of this year made it impossible due to the suspension of Michelin’s activities in the Russian Federation.

At the same time, obtaining Michelin stars for restaurants is an important factor for promotion and development.

Michelin star ratings in 2021, for example, boosted restaurant website traffic by an average of 60 times. On the SAVVA restaurant site alone, traffic increased 267 times.

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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