Wow, it’s already December. In fact, the New Year will not just be “soon”, but literally in a few weeks.

If so, it’s time to slowly draw the line. I decided to make a selection of devices that personally swayed me a little emotionally in the outgoing 2022. Perhaps they did, by the way.

Fun fact: there are no iPhones in the selection because I didn’t like any of them this year.

0. Wallet for iPhone

Oooh, well, just the discovery of the century, right? There is nothing to add here, everything is clear to everyone. I use the benefit from Apple, and also an analogue from MOFT. The second one is a little better.

From time to time I remember how it was not recognized a couple of years ago: they say, why is this necessary at all, there is Apple Pay! And life has turned around. Now you will not find the original for less than 6 thousand rubles. And people even take it like that …

1. AirPods Pro 2nd generation (2022)


I expected so little from the upgrade of the most popular Apple headphones! Just make the sound better and the noise reduction more powerful.

Surprisingly, Apple, in its uncharacteristic manner, the latest lethality did just that, without any “buts” there. The sound became better, and it was necessary to completely eliminate the deaf. This is still not the “top” in quality, but not the ringing insipidity of the first generation.

Shumodav also became more powerful in any diseases. Now I can hardly hear the difference between the quiet Moscow carriages on the Koltsevaya Line and the eerie, ear-dangerous carriages when I listen to music in the quiet Moscow carriage on the Koltsevaya Line or the eerie, hearing-threatening ramblings of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line.

The main thing is that they work flawlessly for me and do not require anything. I put it in my ears and everything is as it should be. It does not need to be repaired for about 3 months, like the Sony WF-1000XM4. No need to bother with Bluetooth, settings, updates and applications. It’s true that Apple has landed hundreds of millions of people on a convenience that takes precedence over the implication of other characteristics.

2. Metal Chinese strap for Apple Watch from AliExpress

Soon it will be a year since I wear it. cost 200 rubles.

Looks good. Very convenient. Holds tight. It is almost nothing like a real Milanese, you can only confuse it by ignorance of the original. Well, let.

I bought one because Apple doesn’t have a Milanese strap in the “shining star” color, like my Series 7. But the Chinese, as I saw it, have it. Hit in the shade – 100%. Over the year, the metal has worn out, but kamon…only 200 rubles.

Already ordered a new one, the meaning is more for coffee with a loss than this strap with delivery costs.

3. Baseus MagSafe iPhone Holder


In the spring, he was spinning about him. For the money, this is the best option for docking an iPhone with MagSafe support.

I used it for six months, until my wife (or son, no one admitted) applied it to a negative iPhone 7 Plus without wireless charging and a metal back panel. Naturally, charging such a joke could not stand it and successfully broke down.

While she was working, the iPhone turned into a YouTube machine every evening while I was stuck at the computer. Sometimes I watched movies like that. Very convenient: I slapped the magnet, turned it on the axis, launched the vidos. Screenshot looking at you, smart viewer soaring waterfall.

A new one of the same kind is already on its way, I ordered it while I was writing these lines. I took it not on “alishka”, but on Yandex Market for 2200 rubles, the price difference is small, and delivery will be the day after tomorrow. For now, I’m getting by with a simple stand for the original MagSafe, but I can’t wait for the normal, correct docking station to return to its place.

4. Wire box and surge protector from LDNIO


You sold out all these boxes on the Market just a couple of days after the publication of my review. You can’t imagine a better recognition of the coolness of the device.

In a box with a lid (where wireless charging can be built in) there is a universal surge protector for 5 sockets, as well as holes for 3 USB-A ports. There is, or rather, weremodels on Market with European sockets, with a USB-C port instead of one of the USB-A. One way or another, the essence of the accessory here is obvious: they hide all cables and charging blocks, close the casing and integrate ORDER.

Did I already say that I have three of these boxes? One is on the desktop, the second is placed in the bedroom, the third time I plan to send it not far from the TV – until it just goes away separately. The number of wires was carried out several times, and at the same time all of them were available at any time. Any problems that have not occurred in a couple of months of operation.

I recommend. If you can buy of course.

5. MacBook Air with M2 processor


This year, Apple somehow completely magnitude updated Mac. No new firmware or aimaks were opened, and there was no new Mac mini. Only Essences Pro launched on the M2 in the same case as the new Air.

A lot of people quickly “write off” the new Air for M2 because of the scandal with the choice of the manufacturer of the reference models. It also failed to make the 16GB and 24GB versions cost about the same (or much more expensive!) than the more expensive and interesting 14-inch MacBook Pros.

I still decided to take a chance, ordered model 8/512 and was satisfied. It’s Apple’s lightest laptop in the lineup, with excellent weight balance (unlike the old Air on the M1), bright display, geometric chassis size, and more than enough performance for the vast majority of tasks.

It seems to me that you can even take the basic Air if you are not a developer or do not work with 3D. You think the disk has become slower. You have to happen to a magnifying glass and discover it in order to discover it. Moreover, here you don’t have an Intel processor, and there is much more power here than the results can be at first glance and by the usual standards of Intel poppies.

Even the cheapest Air on M2 will break any Intel-MacBook (except 16-inch Core i9 processor) in all problems, and at the same time it works for a long time. It’s also nicer to wear than the old Air, and feels better on your lap. In short, do not trust the gadget, it can be on the alert.


Apple Watch Series 8, Apple’s most disappointing new watch since the new base iPad. There is almost nothing new there.

Despite all the major changes over the year, he passed almost unnoticed. I remember October and December last year better, any of the months of 2022. Too much has happened, you won’t get bored.

In three weeks we will all draw different conclusions, and one of them, my own, will apply the subject of the site, I will write here.

somehow it became a little “like a drum” for all these new gadgets, top smartphones, powerful and expensive hardware. The gadget addict “inside” fell asleep completely, if not dead. A lot will pass often, it will return to normal, but this feeling of zen, satisfaction with achievements in devices will not go anywhere.

new iPhone, Good. New watch, Good. Is the laptop new? too Good. But none of this is really desirable. Does the old one still work? So that’s enough.

Do I have one?

And yes, congratulations to everyone.

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