ALMA Telescope Complex

Huang’s Opinion Evaluation Panel at Macquarie University in Australia has proposed the widest and most important, in fact, ideal scale in the world. We will not be able to build it for a long time, but we can use the technologies necessary for this. The idea in t is to space out an infinite number of ordinary observations on as much as possible bb eve

We proposed not to trifle, but to immediately build an interferometer – an array of telescopes – the size of an entire planet, and if there are enough resources, then much more. Than krunesses is a conditional “mirror” of such an instrument, then further about with s s s with s the saget line is bent into gynes of cosmosmomcl. The principle of quantitative entanglement of significant scaling of the transformation of data on all the photons they use, the natural relationship between the measured quantities themselves, has its own meaning. This will make it possible to build an interferometer of arbitrarily large dimensions.

But even with this approach, the number of interference and errors bet sishom is large, so it is necessary to build more innovation. According to Huang’s team’s research, some systems have a greater degree of self-correction, and its activation does not require additional resources. This gives the computer the objection to the mutual processing of data and the correction of the most curious – to design and build a similar the car.

Source: Tech Cult

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