Yandex the most popular speakers with a Russian-speaking voice assistant. Yandex Station 2, which appeared on sale six months ago, is the best confirmation of confirmation.

The domestic market for profit, and in Russia got the maximum opportunity for both the speakers and the voice assistant Alice.

It is possible that you decided to take Alice with you. What will happen then?

Yandex services also work in other areas, but with particles to the touch. Stations and assistant abroad.

What the Station is capable of in countries with Yandex Plus subscription support

The situation is best in countries where Yandex meets officially. You need to focus on the presence in the country of subscription Yandex Plus.

To the point: I have been using a Yandex.Plus subscription for two years. Is she even worth it?

Subscription is currently available in countries: Russia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, USA, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, Czech Republic and South Korea.

In these countries, you can activate a Yandex.Plus subscription and use almost all of its included services. If you come there with your column and an active subscription, you you can use all (or almost all) and voice assistant.

If you use to buy a new speaker, you can only connect it to encumbrance account (with subscription payment in encumbrance currency).

What will work on a column with Alice in a country where Yandex is not represented

In countries where Yandex does not officially provide its services, the performance of columns and services not guaranteed.

The company promises that you have access to the property restored contextual music (this applies to smartphones and tablets) and tablets cloud storage data Yandex.Disk. Other features may or may not work depending on local regulations.

For example, in Ukraine, where access to most Yandex services is blocked at the state level, the column will be practically inoperable. In the Baltic countries, the situation is better, but access to some sites and services of the domestic search engine is also limited.

In most other countries with a Yandex column, you can specify:

▶ explore the current forecast and query the forecast
▶ Reminders, notes and alarms appeared
▶ play with Alice in the game and use third party skills
▶ control smart home gadgets

To the point: 15 useful skills for Alice. Upgrade your Yandex column.

When installing a smart TV with Alice, Stations 1st generation or Stations paired with Module either YouTube but not from Kinopoisk.

The list of availability of streaming services, Internet TV channels, radio stations, serials being played and may vary depending on the time of observation. Options may be disabled in some countries.

What will work on a column with Alice in almost any country

The minimum set of features that will work in absolutely any country or in production is everything (a little) that does not require an Internet connection.

For example, models Stations and most speakers with Alice from external manufacturers are equipped with a Bluetooth module. That is, the column can still be the radiation of music from a smartphone.

Other features of the Station and Alice will not work or will, but only with an active VPN connection to the server of the one where Yandex officially introduced the countries and provides its services.

What other restrictions may Alice have in some countries

If a column with Alice is found in a country, then it can still be affected. Not all features are average in all countries.

What functions may not work even in the country with the Yandex Plus subscription being sold:

◉ Baby monitor mode that allows you to get the Station to “bug” behind your little one.

◉ Auto answer to phone calls with transcript of dialogues in Telegram.

◉ Create a two-speaker stereo pair when two Station crowns work according to the stereo protocol.

◉ User recognition by voice, in many countries the option is still being tested or has not been launched at all.

You should find the restriction on working from each described option in the country you need in the Yandex support service. Unfortunately, the company does not have a publicly available list of countries with limited features in them.

Source: Iphones RU

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