metaverse it’s still in the concept stage, though that doesn’t stop companies from foreseeing the various scenarios that will come up once it’s up and running. One of them is epic gameswho announced a solution to protect the safety of children and adolescents. The company will implement restricted accounts (Cabined accounts) in Fortnitean alternative that disables some game features for children under 13.

restricted accounts would be an anti-harassment solution, one of the main challenges facing underage and vulnerable people in games and the metaverse of the future. According to the FAQ section, limited account disable the voice and text chat feature, as well as in-app purchases for real money. Minors will not receive referrals, marketing emails and will not be able to link to third party services.

According to Epic Games, the company approached the problem from a different perspective than other companies. While others offer a solitary experience exclusively for minors, Fortnite will open the door for all users, protecting children. Epic says such accounts reduce the need to lie when asked for date of birth, the custom of some users who do not have a minimum age to play.

An important feature is that children they should not ask their parents for permission to play Fortnite, Fall Guys or *Rocket League.* When filling out the form to create a user account, the system will ask for age. If you are under 13 years old, a limited account will be created that will disable these options, and an email will be requested from parents to notify them.

what is the relationship Fortnite with the metaverse?

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Epic Games defines its limited accounts as a new way for kids to join the metaverse. Although each company has its own definition of this word, Fortnite this is the closest example of what a metaverse could be. The game has evolved from a battle royale to a universe where movies, concerts or special events are projected.

Along with Meta, Epic was one of the first to promote the concept of the metaverse and invest in its development. while target warns it’s against regulators, Epic wants to solve one of the big problems that the virtual future will face. Melanie Dawes, director of UK regulator Ofcom, said a few days ago that harassment needs special attention, especially in a virtual reality environment.

Restricted accounts will be the first step and will apply in Fortnite Rocket League D autumn boys. Epic warned that in some countries parental consent is required to complete the process. Parents will have the final say in accepting or denying access to additional features on a minor’s account.

the metaverse is still far awaytherefore, it is important that key contributors to its development take steps to prevent malicious behavior.

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