The universitrian cincinnati summed up the results of the two-fold expat unityline According to the principle of vending trade, only together the money was issued by electronic points. Participants register for 90 days and get access to the contents of the machine, after which they take tests and get a chance to renew in the program.

The main contents of the machine are sprays with naloxone included to combat opioid overdose. A single dose, if used on time, allows you to save a person’s life for a while until it delivers. This is a small mortality and frequent use of opioids – having been one leg in the grave, but saved, a person often rethinks his harmful feelings. This machine god gave out 3360 doses of naloxone.

Vending machine

The second most important “goods” in the machine are test strips for fentanyl, which allow you to detect the presence of a dangerous hazardous substance in other drugs. Approximately two-thirds of the program participants were found to have visited the fentanyl impurities in the drugs they bought, after which they threw them away or used only minimal doses. For this reason, the machine dispensed 11,155 test strips, which helped save 960 lives.

Also in the machine there are compartments for the consumption of syringes, pregnancy tests, patches and bandages. Due to bureaucratic delays, the initiators of the project failed to add serial disposables to the range. They note that it was inconvenient for people to use a street machine than to use doctors in complex devices, so the experiment received a positive assessment. assessment.

Source: Tech Cult

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