Who here has never taken that great photo but stopped posting it because some details didn’t come out well, for example low light or poor resolution? This annoyance is recurring more often than we imagined, even when it has solid cameras and is full of resources.

Fortunately, we are in the middle of 2022, the year of technology. and there are several platforms and apps to ‘slap’ the record and leave it that way to get likes and comments on your social media.

In this guide, you can find out what is most recommended when it comes to knowing how to improve the quality of your photo! Look:

1. Photoshop

Since Photoshop is the most remembered name when it comes to photo editing, it’s impossible to start this list without mentioning it first. On the platform it is possible to crop images, change depths, add texts, correct defects, among various other sources.


The mobile versions of Photoshop have a slightly more beginner-friendly interface, although it requires some intermediate knowledge in editing. For those who want a more advanced experience, it is recommended to use the software version of the platform.

2. Canvas

There are many designers who hate it, but the truth is Canva is a useful tool to edit images more easily and without the need to install software. Also, its free plan offers a wide variety of features.


Available for mobile and desktop, the platform offers a wide variety of filters, vectors, effects, and even completely ready-made layouts. In addition to other possibilities, it is great for those who work with social networks or just want to make a resume.

3. Let’s evolve

Let’s Enhance offers an easy interface for any user. online editor where possible Enhance photos through artificial intelligence🇧🇷 The service is able to magnify images up to 4x and also change color tones satisfactorily.

 Let’s develop

To use the platform, you need to create an account on the site. Although it offers many possibilities, the free version of the tool has a limited number of images that can be edited. So once again the best experience is in the paid version

4. Adobe Spark

There are more platforms than Adobe appearing on the list here. In addition to an easy-to-use art editor, Adobe Spark is one of the best tools for correcting focus and perfecting small details in dark images.


It’s also possible to use automatic sources to edit images in the tool, making it a good choice for those who want to make edits fast and versatile. Its interface is very similar to Canva’s look, meaning it’s the perfect platform for those who don’t have great expertise in this segment.

5. Photograph

Fotor.com, which also has a simplified look, is one of the most used platforms to improve images. The most notable differences of the service are that they retain good resolutions no matter how enlarged they are and offer compatibility with HDR, a feature that overlays photos to give a better picture.


6. Deep Image

Deep Image, which is a very simple tool to use, also fix bugs, improve overall quality and improve image resolution by up to 4x – without significant loss of detail.

 Deep Image

Unfortunately, the free version only lets you edit five images at a time and requires a subscription to a paid plan for unlimited access. But still worth a try.

7. Reminder

Remini is another app that is known to use artificial intelligence to enhance images. It is possible to get rid of blurs, increase sharpness and make some photos less shaky.


But still, like the other platforms on this list, Remini limits image editing in the free version to just five photos at a time. It is possible to use Remini very comfortably in mobile versions for both iOS and Android.

8. PicWish

Finally, PicWish also stands out for making blurry photos clearer in a few clicks, just drag the image to let the platform do the rest. By the way, it is even possible to compare the edited image with the original recording.


To access PicWish, you need to register on the site. In this way, it is also possible to download the photo you edited in the tool.

So, did you like the tips? There are more platforms on the internet and in app stores that we can recommend in this list. Maybe we can make a second part with more tips, right? If there are platforms you missed here, comment on our social networks!

Source: Tec Mundo

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