Planned steps are gradually discovered. Elon Musk for Twitterand cadence is controlled by the owner of the social network (a communication wizard, no doubt about it). Well, among the ideas that will be ported to the platform, there is one that, yes or yes, could change the signature if used: The number of characters that can be published in a message will increase significantly.

The truth is, this is something that is almost certain to happen on Twitter, because Musk has the idea to turn this company into a company. global service It is even possible to write reviews or opinion articles. Anything you want can be done and achieved. And for that, we have to start by removing existing limitations. And we’re even talking about multimedia content… but that will be more in the future. From time to time.

Musk confirms the change in character count

There has been some news about this for a while, as the owner of Twitter had commented that they were working on it. But now, what he posted in response to a direct question (as well as relaying the news planned for Tesla) is even a confirmation of it. Number of characters aiming to allow the most social networks in posts. And this is no less 4,000. A shocking leap, because now it stands at 280.

It remains to be seen whether this is in one single messagesomething that won’t be very efficient due to the size it can have on the screen, something that can bore the reader simply and simply. Or otherwise, four thousand characters split into different tweets which breaks the text so that it is much easier to visualize everything (of course, to inform the author of the point where the cut will be installed so that there are no inconsistencies this way). However, we are talking about an exponential leap that will allow creators to be much more precise with potential readers, regardless. How far are the broadcasts with a maximum of 140, right?

Twitter is an uninterrupted source of news…

This is a very characteristic feature of Elon Musk: talk as much as possible, their companies (good or bad, it doesn’t matter). One example is what we’re discussing, and another is new options (or perhaps the way to spot trolls… will be seen) that threaten to be a source of frustration for many in the notes on Twitter. It should also be noted that today supposedly, Blue subscription is back at a price of eight euros from the social network itself, and eleven if registration is made from Apple.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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