Adobe Express with Firefly AI comes to the App Store

Adobe introduces Firefly artificial intelligence

Adobe Express is now available

Adobe officially launched its new application Adobe Express. An interesting video editing app that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) called Firefly. Adobe Express is available on iOS and Android After going through the beta phase process for a while. You can download it for free from the App Store.

Adobe Express is an application specifically designed for creating content with artificial intelligence. Conclusion a great creativity and productivity tool It is very useful for publishing content on social networks with high-quality images and videos.

Adobe Express is a very powerful AI tool

Firefly’s integration into the new version of the Adobe Express application stands out with the advantages it Generative AI quality quickly. Whether you are an influencer, Community Manager, YouTuber or just like sharing interesting content on social networks, this app is for you.

Just ask what you want to create and Firefly’s AI will make it a reality. This is possible with Adobe Express Style, add, delete and replace elements and people in stunning images and videos. All this with a simple text command.

Using the Text to Image feature, give your creativity a boost by using a text annotation to create the perfect image for your design. Instantly add or replace an object with Generative Fill. Create an engaging headline with Text Effects inspired by your imagination.

Features of Adobe Express

Here are some key features, tools, and utilities of Adobe Express:

  • Video: Add animations, combine video clips, images and music. Includes custom titles and 4K video capabilities.
  • GIF: Convert any image to GIF.
  • From text to image: Quickly create a new-looking project instantly by creating images with Firefly’s generative AI.
  • QR codes: Create QR codes in seconds.
  • Templates and pre-designed content: Access thousands of predefined video templates with over 28,000 Adobe fonts.
  • Quick actions: Edit, resize or remove backgrounds from images and videos.

The App Store is full of interesting apps for video editing with iPhone and iPad, but Adobe Express’s revamp is going to be a game-changer thanks to generative AI. It will be one of the applications that takes your Instagram stories to the next level. Let’s download it!

Source: i Padizate

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