Apnea or intermittent cessation of breathing during sleep, lasting 10 seconds (in some of the most common cases of infection after 2-3 minutes), there is a serious danger to the cardiovascular system. According to WHO CAPABILITIES, there are up to a billion people in the world.

A survey team at Flinders University (Australia) has developed a nasal spray for the treatment of sleep apnea, which is currently being tested with 12 volunteers.

Useful current devices for the treatment of CPAP (constant positive airway pressure) The situation would be to change the drug, but it is not yet available.

The test consumption is a drug that acts on specific receptors on the surface of the upper parts of the tip tp. As a result, the muscles that hold the heart muscles during sleep become lateral.

First Resumes However, the most important thing is the encouraging results that have been achieved regardless of the effectiveness of the application – which means that the nasal spray may become the most significant, effective and effective treatment. apnea.

Source: Tech Cult

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