To reduce the amount of customs duties, and in some cases to completely exempt the delivery from paying them, exporters will use the certificate of origin of the goods. Now you can request the execution of this document on the Mi Export platform.

The certificate of origin of the goods can now be issued through the digital platform “My Export”

Certificate of origin – a document confirming the origin of products from the country in which it was fully produced or received significant processing.

It can also be used to confirm that goods can be imported into the country if the importing country prohibits or restricts the importation of goods originating from certain countries. In addition, the presence of a certificate of origin is usually provided for in the export contract or in the national regulations of the country of importation of the goods. The certificate is issued by the Russian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

“The service for requesting a certificate of origin was developed in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, while, of course, the opinion of exporters was also taken into account. The digital service provides only electronic interaction with the ICC at all stages, where possible, and the choice by the ICC exporter of where to receive the original certificate.

The delivery of paper documents and face-to-face consultations to obtain a certificate through the service are excluded. At the same time, the system will automatically determine which of the eight types of certificates are available for registration by the exporter.– said the head of the Russian Export Center Veronika Nikishina.

“The creation of such a service is another big step towards optimizing export processes and thus towards the development of Russian business. Everything is provided for the convenience of the businessman, saving him time and effort. He can spend these important resources to promote his business on solving important problems and not on walking around the offices.– explained the president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin.

The data on the application form is automatically filled in from the user’s digital profile. After the final filling of the application with information about the product and the delivery conditions, it is automatically verified online.

The service will inform about the possibility of obtaining a certificate for this application or that it is necessary to undergo an examination to determine the country of origin of the goods. In this case, the service will automatically generate a draft application and notify you of the preliminary cost of the exam.

Within three days of sending an application for the issuance of the required type of certificate, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with a positive decision to issue it, will prepare a draft certificate and send it for verification to the personal account of the exporter.

An important point is related to this: if a user finds a technical error in the draft certificate made on the basis of the information declared by him, he can send a comment to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, indicating in it those positions that need to be corrected. This will eliminate errors in the resulting final document, which sometimes happens in practice, and you won’t waste time re-issuing it. You can confirm the payment on the account received in the service of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a couple of clicks: you need to enter the payment details in special fields and send the information to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After all the steps passed, the details of the issued certificate and the information of its downloadable printed form will be available to the exporter in his personal account. The service can also generate analytical documents related to obtaining a certificate (full, detailed and country reports). The maximum term for the provision of the service, if it is not necessary to take an exam or make changes to the draft of the certificate, is five business days. In practice, this happens faster.

However, there are procedures that cannot be fully translated into a “figure”. Thus, the conduct of an examination by the ICC to determine the country of origin in some cases is accompanied by the need to travel to the place of production of the goods. Also, the original certificate is issued directly on paper. It must be picked up at the chamber of commerce and industry selected in the service by the exporter, or received by mail. The fact is that, according to the norms of international law, when exporting, the customs authorities of importing countries now accept certificates only on paper.

In order to use the service platform to issue a certificate of origin for the goods, the CEO or user of the My Export platform with the role of “administrator” must have a UKES – an enhanced qualified electronic signature.

The My Export digital platform provides online access to government and commercial services that accompany company exports. The platform’s services provide solutions to the main tasks at each stage of the export cycle. The digital platform operates in the “single window” mode.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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