Once again, we continue the topic of home networking of devices – with a constant number of streaming services and gadgets connected to the Internet, it is becoming more and more relevant. And in a large house, with tenants and smart components, getting high-quality coverage is quite difficult.

Unless, of course, you use Mesh systems – multicomponent routers for creating inextricable networks. One of the most promising among them is Deco S7, which we will talk about today.

Let’s take a closer look?

Not a router, a set: a great trio

Huge box hides everything needed for deployment

To consider the beginning of the appearance and configuration of the device. More precisely, devices: the Deco S7 kit includes three modules at once, each of which is a full-fledged router and can work individually. Or vice versa, only to appeal.

Router mode allows you to distribute the Internet received via WAN, hotspot mode – broadcast the stream from a hub or another router.

If such a large set is not required, you can purchase a variant of two modules – it will be cheaper. But the coverage area will be reduced by almost a third.

The 2-module system includes a stable cover of up to 350 square meters, and a full variant of 3 “covers” of 520 “squares”.

It is impossible to recognize which category of devices the person in front of you belongs to at a glance

Deco S7 takes part in the fight against competitors ability, calm designcombining the contrast of a white irregularly shaped cylindrical body and black futuristic inserts.

Especially for counting the asymmetric dark elements of the connector block and ventilation covers, each module looks very minimalistic and calm, but very lively. So that it could be installed anywhere – the device will stand out in any interior, but will not be pretentious or foreign.

Small dimensions allow you to connect the device on the desktop or near the TV, “in the main place” of the room. It looks nice, unlike today’s popular systems that use “gamestyle”.

Enough for any task. And not Wi-Fi single

The only catchy element

Speaking of inserts: each module is equipped with its own communication panel for 3 WAN / LAN ports (gigabit!) and automatic destination detection.

Thus, it is possible to implement an individual connection of each module to the Internet or “make” a connection to one, and “attach” the rest to the first one via Wi-Fi or wires.

For those who prefer wireless connections, Deco S7 offers even more: inside each module there are 3 antennas, which allows full support for duplex communication of the MU-MIMO 3×3 standard (3 simultaneous connections for receiving and for sending).

Wireless access speed depends on consumer connection standard:

  • for Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz – 600 MHz / s,
  • for Wi-Fi 5 GHz – 1300 MHz / s.

Looks spectacular. But not fancy.

Naturally, Wi-Fi 6 and all its features are also available: for example, a complex of 3 modules gets up to 100 jointly connected devices, effectively ranks traffic between them thanks to the support of all supported technologies:

one. OFDMA allows you to divide the communication channels of one router into several connected devices, eliminating conflicts and the possibility of “quenching”, reducing the speed and quality of communication.
2. BSS coloring, which “colors” the signal from devices connected to the connected router, helps prevent interference from other (alien, neighboring) gadgets built on the same channel.
3. Target Wake Time (TWT) allows you to pause the exchange of information by a mobile device in sleep mode, save battery power.
four. The Network Power Distribution Vector (NAV) can receive the transmission times of various packets, both within its own network and as appropriate.

Deco S7 communication modules use proprietary Deco Mesh technology, which allows you to synchronize components wirelessly in a single wireless network with a total area of ​​​​up to 520 square meters and allows you to connect to a ready-made box system ANY brand module, be it an individual device or a whole set.

This allows you to distribute coverage with virtually no restrictions, so you can even build industrial networks. What to say about private houses or dachas – the effectiveness will depend only on the desire of the user, the correct distribution of components and provider channels.

How to teach a computer to “think” for its own benefit?

Deco S7 is good not only for its “stuffing” and fragrant. Without good software, this would not be enough in modern conditions.

The manufacturer has not forgotten about convenient firmware and an advanced mobile application. TP-Link DecoWhat is worth remembering in more detail. And that’s why.

The application, interface and results are fully received: Deco S7 is available in the official sale in the Russian Federation with a three-year warranty. If suddenly help, technical support will also answer in the usual language.

Firstly, with the help of TP-Link Deco, installation will take just a couple of minutes: registration, issuance of permits and model selection – then the system does everything on its own. Well, unless it asks for a username and password.

Secondly, there is an advanced child control that allows you to preventively block unwanted content.

Thirdly, the application allows you to connect devices and traffic, resources, user activity and use the available restrictions – or vice versa, disable them. Based on the tracked information, reports are generated and regularly notified to the owner of the rollover in case he forgot to check.

The case when everything really works as an appropriate mechanism.

Testing: apartment and private house

Each port is gigabit. Every module!

From the technical description it is obvious that Deco S7 is very seriously suitable for demanding users. But the time has come to protest against his practice.

For work, a private house (2 floors + basement) with a total area of ​​300 square meters was chosen with a two-story extension of 70 “squares”, 15 meters away from the main building. All this is located on a rectangular plot of 25 acres.

The S7 head module, connected to a 1 Gbps channel, was installed at the entrance to the house, the second one was connected via Wi-Fi on the second floor, and installed in the third extension.

The load simulates the normal life of a large family. The consumers were:

  • 3 active iPhones (1st, 2nd floor and annex) – active surfing in social networks;
  • 2 TVs (ground floor and annex) – FullHD streaming from YouTube;
  • 4 PCs (1st, 2nd floor and annex) – a corporate test with a use case.

Results: maybe

1. PC, first floor of the house

2. PC, second floor of the house

3. Smartphone: first, second floors and annex

As you can imagine, the speed practically does not decrease in the coverage of the active network. The coverage area is excellent, there are no dips in movement either – switching between modules is fully controlled and not noticed by the user.

The most interesting scenario with a drop in 4K video stream for movement from one point in space (the second floor of the house) to another (the opposite corner of the extension) also goes well – no problems are observed even with a large total network load.

A slight increase in ping that does not affect Wi-Fi consumption can be detected at a distance of up to 20 meters from the access point. But is this a serious problem? Registration speed is practically unchanged.

Honest Grips: This Is What Everyone Needs

Recently, for private houses and large apartments, several routers have been installed or several repeaters have been used. Often – with separate Wi-Fi networks.

Mesh systems make it possible to implement coverage in premises of any complexity, including for private houses, small offices and household plots. Even on multiple floors. And Deco S7 can be the best choice in this category – “long-range”, stable coverage is guaranteed.

The kit is easy to install and easy to scale. If of course, of course. So the purchase is not cheap, but with a margin of 3-5 years.

Of course, Deco S7 should not be recommended for installation in an apartment: even large “three-ruble notes” do not reveal the potential of a three-module kit. Finding something better in a private house at an affordable cost is simply unrealistic – especially in a large area. And in the garden/garage/basement/garden, more affordable Deco solutions can be installed, complementing the original system.

The solution is not cheap. But you can’t find a completed analogue in Russia, and an honest 3-year warranty and round-the-clock technical support.

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