A new filter has caught the attention of TikTok users recently. Wanted AI Mangamoment filter turns the person into an anime or manga style drawing.

As the name suggests, the software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic the design and create the effect – just like the Lensa app, which has also resonated across networks. However, the solution algorithm is not always very accurate, which leads to funny situations.

@mewsuppasit21 ?? #aimanga? 🇧🇷 – YOASOBI

With over 544 million views on the #aimanga hashtag, the filter quickly went viral and everyone is asking for its manga version. The downside is that the filter is still not visible to all users, although it has been used on more than 39.2 million videos on the social network.

This is because the social network is gradually releasing new features. That is, the availability of new filters or features is gradual and may only appear after some updates to the app.

errors in the filter

Additionally, the filter still has bugs and renders some users ‘weird’ images. The result of the photos, of course, became the topic of a meme on social networks:

Source: Tec Mundo

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