We’re nearing the end of another year, and as always, it’s time to look back and observe everything that’s happened in the last 12 months – including remembering what were the best practices for popularity in 2022.

was wondering know which software is the most pumped🇧🇷 We’ve laid it all out in the lines below – by the way, these are in random order, not from best to worst or anything like that.

1 – Be Real

This was perhaps one of the most popular on both Android and iOS. Unlike many existing social networks on the network, BeReal’s recommendation is a little different: free the user from the need to think about the content to post and share the “real” stuff without using filters to do so.

This way, app users get a notification to post a photo of what they’re doing in two minutes at random times once a day. It is possible to use both the front and rear cameras to fulfill this task, which attracts the attention of thousands of people.

2 – CapCut

(Source: CapCut/Reproduction)

For those who enjoy working with video editing, CapCut is one of the best applications to perform this service.

In addition to tools for dealing with the recordings itself, the app also lets you add stickers, use slow motion effects, and many other features that will make your work even cooler.

3 – Roblox

(Source: Roblox/Description)

roblox It is quite popular with the public due to its educational nature, so it was expected to be among the best apps of 2022.

Currently, the app has millions of users around the world, most of them under the age of 13 and using the platform to bring creations to life, even on school projects.

4 – Spotify

(Source: Spotify/Description)

Spotify, one of the people’s favorites for listening to music on the way to work or school, is another option that is among the best applications of this year.

The reasons are varied, but we can talk about the vast content contained in it and even the chance to create custom playlists to play music.

5 – Giga Gloob

(Source: Globo/Disclosure)

For those who like to watch content on their mobile phone, Giga Gloob has emerged as a good option during this year when content for children is the subject.

In addition to drawings, app for Android and iOS It also offers various activities for the little ones, like games and others to pass the time.

6 – Lens

(Source: TechCrunch/Playback)

Art-driven AI has gained immense popularity among best practices this year, and lensa it is definitely one of the options in this package.

You can use AI to produce colorful and vibrant artworks, just choose an art type and let the software do the rest.

7 – Spoke – Learn English fast

(Source: Spoke/Explanation)

Learning a new language was definitely one of the promises many people made for 2022, so Spoke – Learn English Fast they quickly became popular.

With the help of one of the best apps of its kind, those interested can learn to read, write and speak English with different lessons programmed by teachers. By the way, English is not the only language, as the software also teaches Spanish and French, just to name a few examples.

8 – Rehearsal Project

(Source: Rehearsal/Reproduction Project)

In an election year, Projeto Comprova’s offering made it one of the best apps for mobile devices.

The recommendation seen here is to check for electoral information in addition to news about public policy and covid-19. Oh, it’s worth noting that there is a particular focus on news emerging on social networks and messaging apps.

9 – Disney

(Source: Disney+/Playback)

Disney+ is a streaming service with a variety of content such as animated series and various movies.

With a subscription it is possible to access all the content available on the platform – even some drawings appear with early access if you pay an extra fee – and both its functionality and content have made it one of the best apps in the world. 2022.

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