A family of four-legged robot restarts However, looking at them, it becomes clear that “vertical racing” in their implementation is just a matter of time.

And here is the first sign: the robotics of the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST), together with colleagues from the University of Illinois (USA), have developed a four-legged Marvel robot capable of climbing walls and ceilings. True, it is worth clarifying at the same time – the ends of his circles are equipped with magnets, and the walls and ceilings must be metal. It is easy to examine that the place of its future “habitat” is large metal structures, for example, oil tanks, bridges or water towers.

To interact with metallic manifestations, Marvel uses a combination of magnetic elastomers and electromagnetic fields (for magnetization / demagnetization), which is associated with an increase in the frequency of alternating legs, when one pair “sticks” to the surface, and the other step forward. Before starting to climb up, get even on the “ground”, Marvel receives a “manoeuvre” reminiscent of the behavior of cats before a jump – he rests his front paws on the surface, checking its consequences.

In the laboratory, the climbing robot has already learned to take 10-centimeter steps, step over small areas, gradually moving from the walls to the ceiling – and, in addition, carry a payload weighing about 3 kg.

Even more impressive results were field trials.

Source: Tech Cult

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