Analysts at MTS Entertainment (which manages the Ticketland and MTC Live ticketing services) noted an increase in demand for New Year’s children’s events: in November, compared to last year, Russians bought 2.2 times more tickets, despite the fact that their price increased by an average of 17%. It is assumed that in December the dynamics will continue.

Russians buy twice as many tickets for children’s Christmas trees due to the reduction of concerts for adults

The average cost of visiting a children’s Christmas tree in 2022 is 2.7 thousand rubles, writes RBC with reference to the company’s press service.

At the same time, experts say that growth in one segment of the entertainment business is directly related to a decline in its other segment.

“Obviously, we are also talking about the redistribution of sales between segments: with a high probability, citizens buy tickets for Christmas trees instead of concerts of “abandoned” foreign and domestic stars,” says Yevgeny Safronov, director of the agency of Intermedia news…

The increased demand for festive events for children was also confirmed by RBC in the Crocus City Hall and the Kinoelka organizing committee in Mosfilm.

The organizers did not change the number of events held: it remained at the level of 2021 (but increased by 40% compared to coronovirus 2020).

In general, experts point to the return of sales figures to the level prior to the 2019 pandemic, when there was “a spike in supply and demand, and tickets for many New Year’s events were already sold out in October.”

The tendency to buy tickets in advance, by the way, is also making a comeback: in November, according to preliminary estimates by MTS Entertainment, about 38% of sales will fall. In the years of covid restrictions, only a few buyers thought to buy early.

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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