Unfortunately, having problems passwords With many online services in existence, this is something that has become commonplace. This is because from time to time some pages see their security and user database that they have compromised. The solution is to replace information that can be cumbersome and boring. Well, there is good news about it, because google assistant It will be your best ally.

Recently, the Mountain View company announced that it will gradually roll out its browser. Chromium a function to warn If users have problems with their credentials on the website they access and have an account on (something Microsoft Edge already offers, by the way). This is a excellent tool this lets everyone know if there are security issues and therefore take action.

How does this option work in the browser?

Well, it’s pretty simple: it seems there popup window it is stated here that there is a data disclosure issue and as a result it may be advisable to proceed with a change to maintain high security when using the service in question. This is very useful, but keep in mind that not all websites are compatible with this option, but gradually they all adapt because it’s a good solution for everyone.

It’s important to know what it should be. activated the function In the Google browser, in case you don’t see this option auto-executing, something you can do in the Android version as follows:

  • Open the application and click on the icon with three dots in the upper right area. Use Settings in the menu that appears.
  • Now use the Passwords option in the Autofill section and if you are using the latest version of Chrome you will see the Passwords feature instead.
  • Click on Verify passwords when you access the previous option and then the app will perform the relevant checks and issue the aforementioned warning if it detects security issues.

What does the Google assistant have to do with it?

Well, as you can see after this paragraph, this service of the North American company is one of the options when it comes to changing a compromised password. Thus, in the warning window button previously non-existent, allows direct google assistant automatically be the one to make the change and store information in encrypted database. Simpler, impossible.

By the way, what we’re discussing right now only available in android version Therefore, you cannot enable usage neither on iOS nor on computers. But yes, it was soon confirmed that this possibility will also be available in all applications of the well-known browser.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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