A farmer fell victim to a scam while trying to rent a property on the beach to take a walk with his family. Sérgio Donofre of Campinas in São Paulo, He deposited 2,800 BRL to rent the house in Guarujá and received a message from the criminal warning him not to go there.🇧🇷

“Good morning Sérgio, I’m contacting ctt to ask you not to go there because nothing we talked about is available, everything was just a hoax. unfortunately it’s our job, i warn you not to miss a trip… God bless you (sic)”, read the scammer’s message.

Stellionator chatted with the victim via WhatsApp. In return, Donofre checked the advertisement he had seen on the Internet several times. He checked the address and even looked at the promised house with pool in front of Enseada beach on Google Maps. He finally believed.

Online fraud alert

The farmer, who will take 15 family members for a walk, has made the case public to warn more victims as scammers continue to advertise the property’s rent. Aggrieved persons like Sérgio Donofre must go to the Civil Police to report and sue the courts to try to get the money back.

In such cases, the sites used by fraudsters can be held responsible. Among the measures to be taken, the advertiser is asked to make a video call showing the property, check that the payment account belongs to the same name as the host and do not pay the amount upfront🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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