In 2002, Brazil was celebrating its unprecedented fifth World Cup title, and one of the names responsible for the fifth star was none other than Ronaldinho Gaúcho. However, those who think that this was the only record of the ace at that time are wrong.

Three years after the world tournament, the internet knew promising so far. YouTubeIt is the second most visited website in the world after Google. In 2005, more precisely on February 14 of that year, the first viral video appeared on the platform. Do not you remember? So it’s worth watching again:

Prom show and appearances

At that time, the video starring the “witch” had over a million views, making it the first video in history to achieve this feat. It may seem like an ordinary number these days, but it had a lot of views back then.

With a duration of around 3 minutes, the sequence pays off and shows Gaúcho putting on a real show during a practice session for Barcelona. The football legend hits the post four times while juggling the ball. Detail: Without letting it fall! This is simply awesome, and if the video was produced and released today, it would definitely hit TikTok.

The ball challenge was a 2005 post by Nike. the sports giant removed the original video, but later republished. There are those who argue that the reality of Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s adventures is montage. No dear? True or not, it’s a fact that the magician can very well act in such incredible scenes where he shines on the field and makes history on YouTube.

Source: Tec Mundo

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