I bought the iPhone 13 Pro (review) at the end of October 2021, at the very height of the history of semiconductors, when the shortage was felt most acutely.

I was chasing a model of radial-smooth animations from 120 Hz in the screen and a smaller size after the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which was uncomfortable for me.

First impressions were great, so far battery did not start.

Below I will tell you what made the whole smartphone happy this year, what annoys you the most, how it changed to a negative attitude after the release of the iPhone 14 Pro (review) and whether you want to change it to a new one.

📸 All photos in this post were taken on iPhone 13 Pro

Appearance not to complain

This is the first iPhone that you need to try to find traces of use. Deal in metal without paint.

Indestructible ordinary matte back and dense bare steel is the best recipe for the impenetrability of a smartphone.

I’ve always resented that polished metal picks up scratches before it’s even taken out of the box. But on a silver model, they cannot be seen just like that. And this despite the fact that 90% of the time I wore the iPhone 13 Pro without a case.

Not a single scratch, dust speck and imprint was hidden during processing. Exactly what he looks like

Small lines around the perimeter appeared due to dust under the cover (not even visible here)

Often the white panel hides both the apple and the bulky camera block. The case when white slims

The fall on the tile left small notches, they are difficult to find. It’s not even my first time. This is the opposite picture of the blue 12 Pro Max, which, from touching the tiles on the street, roughly exposed bare metal and abruptly lost its presentation.

The only thing is, putting on and taking off the case left “notches” from dust on the edges. In bright sunlight, they were well noticed, but not on the day of shooting.

To the point: What happened to my iPhone 13 Pro after a year. Worn without a case

Even on the silver model, fingerprints are invisible. At most, they give a slight dullness to the metal.

The backrest made of frosted glass pleases tactilely and spectacularly every day. Looks like the day I bought it, perfect.

The color is considered the most practical also because dirt around the camera is not visible. I remember that on the Pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro Max, I kept rubbing it around the steel rims.

Its disadvantage is that it does not look at all like in the renders. The white color in most cases is shown by natural light far from the way it is advertised, and the case at the back sometimes seems like an unusual indistinct spot.

camera killer

When I first bought a smartphone, its 100% charge was detected from 7 am to midnight. In the first three months after the purchase, I was sure of the working time, now it is gone.

The battery life is now kept at 86%. I charge twice a day when I leave the house.

I first noticed problems in March, when the charge dropped to zero by 9 pm. In May, it was discharged by 19 o’clock. And now… See for yourself:

From left to right: (1) 100% is enough for the amount (this is not always the case), (2) statistics for ten days and (3) what needs to be done to capture one charge per day

It was at the time of work immediately after purchase with the iPhone 13 Pro and others. The average number of charges per day has increased.

An example (and from parts so far) has sinned on the MagSafe Battery Pack (review). An external battery helped me out, but along with the temperature on the smartphone.

I remind you that during outbred charging, the temperature rises: smartphone batteries, smartphone coils, external battery batteries, battery coils. If you are watching a movie at high rage at this moment, the display heats up, and if it plays, then the processor also.

A “sandwich” of an iPhone and a battery turns into a portable heating pad, and at the same time destroys the chemical composition of all batteries.

Moreover, every day for three months with purchases I saw MagSafe nightly charging. This is what made me most suspicious.

Due to the 86% health of the battery, I scored on my own advice and usually all three charge well from time to time

But a more positive experience Nikita Goryainovawho’s been using the MagSafe pancake by some point for a year now and hasn’t ruined an iPhone 13 Pro Max battery.

I concluded that my iPhone mania hurt non-wireless charging more, and my mania to photograph everything always and everywhere.

More in my gallery 169,500 photos and videosremoved since 2013. And every year there are more and more of them, because the quality of shooting is growing, it is pleasant and convenient to do it.

The iPhone processor is heavily loaded while the application is running Camera, and when recording HDR video or in ProRAW mode, the back almost heats up. This causes a rapid discharge of the battery and its rapid obsolescence.

I don’t know exactly what the problem is, but the fact remains: over the year, the resource has fallen to 86%. And it interferes so much that I even thought about buying Pro Max next time.

Other users have divided opinions: two friends complain about the following problems, and in the reviews of bloggers, I see only delight in the battery life of the smartphone.

120 Hz solution

I’m afraid if Apple only added ProMotion to the iPhone 13 Pro, I would still lick my lips and probably buy it.

The fact that using the interface with a smoother “glide” has become as pleasant as the transition to high-contrast OLED displays or high-definition Retina screens.

Like some of my friends, super-smooth animations made me sick at first, but after a year they had organic properties. And iPhones without ProMotion in the first seconds arouse suspicion that they slow down, lag, and break.

A hydrogel film is used to protect the display. Feelings are almost like without bare glass, but the action seems to be like that at all and there is nothing here

I did not notice how many tests of a crushing blow to acoustics. adaptive hertz works to the fullest.

Without 120 Hz, the smartphone works half as much, but this is if you do not take pictures. With my reasons, there is no point in saving, more loss.

The cameras are great, but there’s one downside (on the 14 Pro too)

When I moved from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I jumped two generations and one class, with the average at the top. Instead of one camera, three sensors, the main sensor, the sensor is larger, the processor is faster and better. I’m sure it will be like this with every smartphone now.

But the transition from one flagship to another supposed generation was surprising that the quality of the photo has not changed much. The sensor increased, the optics made it even brighter, but in practice this was reflected only in the fact that the Night mode began to be displayed a little later.

Even at the launch of the iPhone 13, I compared regular models and Pro, in their main cameras there was a difference between my last 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro. And then it was necessary to search with a magnifying glass.

Ultra wide angle I discovered the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max only during the day, now I use it almost every day, this upgrade is most noticeable to me. Now you can even record video at night at 1080p resolution and 30 frames in bright scenes that are not clogged with digital noise.

Macro almost never, but many times, as seen with his text and other nearby objects. I like to move my phone away and take a picture of such things on the main sensor.

telephoto with 3x optical zoom is good in special conditions. You can squeeze an excellent result out of it, but you need to try very hard. There is a small matrix here and a very dark lens, and it rushes. Although look through this entire post: almost all the frames were shot on it.

From Realme i9 review

From the Hiper Model X review and text about games on the MacBook Pro

From the Kugoo Kirin A1 review

Terribly annoying first that 6 years after the release of the iPhone (7 Plus) with a telephoto module Apple still does not depend on turning on the 3-camera and decides for the user when the approach to the ugly crop changes from the main wide-angle.

This is a Pro model, give me freedom already, finally! After all, they made the macro toggle switch in mode, there are no mechanisms for optical zoom.

To the point: Why iPhone cameras are getting fatter every year. And Apple can’t stop

The rest I can’t use. iPhone 13 Pro helped out many times in the work. About a dozen of my reviews were shot on it, from scooters to smartphones.

Moreover, in search with a Leica camera for half a million rubles, the iPhone 13 Pro not only held the tablet, but sometimes beat it.

Of course, a smartphone does not always replace the aperture ratio and detail of professional cameras with a matrix ten times larger.

But the fact that I usually use the phrase “not always” in such cases, and I hold an entire studio in the palm of my hand, is impressive almost every day.

To the point: I compared the iPhone 13 Pro against the Leica Q2 camera for 450 thousand rubles. Here is the difference!

The battery is not for photographers. For the rest I love

When I moved from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro, three were really different: smooth entertainment with a 120Hz display, better photo quality with an ultra-wide lens, and a smaller, more comfortable size.

Otherwise, it was the same iPhone, the sets I used a year ago.

I don’t know about you, but I have a slight fatigue from the fourth year and the same design of the iPhone Pro. I say fourth because the matte glass back and three flashes from the camera appeared in the iPhone 11 Pro back in 2019.

In this “boring” there is a big plus in the form of well-established production and the highest build quality.

After a whole year of wearing without a case, the phone looks 5-plus only because of small and invisible micro-scratches in the daily collection. I am convinced once again that the tested is better than the new one against the backdrop of news, when the Samsung Galaxy S2X Ultra either bursts the camera glass or falls off the rims from them.

But while Apple does not solve the issue of autonomy in 6.1-inch chips, I buy something new, I don’t see the point. “Maxes” are too big, and there is no longer a smaller body. The new notch, which blocks video viewing even more, does not take up one percent of the experience with the 48 MP mode in the iPhone 14 Pro.

So for now, I’m staying on my trusty iPhone 13 Pro, which I bought at restore. It is comfortable, nimble, practical and shoots at the level of cameras for half a million.

😻 Important:

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