The week was not the easiest for online shopping. However, the exchange rate has stabilized — and with it the prices on AliExpress. And the discounts are not bad, so in the new selection there are interesting things for everyone. Come on in and keep it.

We again published the most interesting lots on our website. Telegram channel. Get it before it’s broken!

It just doesn’t get any better!

1. Fireproof wallet Direct


A fun accessory to protect your documents, smartphone and money not only from prying eyes, but also from water, dust… and even fire.

However, the design also keeps the heat inside – the owners of Samsung Note 7 would come in handy. Original and helpful.

Price: 983 511 rub.

2. Bluetooth speaker Baseus


Another solid Chinese wireless speaker for any occasion: 20 W in stereo mode, water and dust protection, support for memory cards and AUX.

Price: 4314 3365 rub.

3. LEGO robot Wall-E


A copy of the original constructor for assembling the character of the cartoon beloved by many.

It is offered in a static form and a motorized toy with a remote control (in two ranges).

Price: 1857 1411 rub.

4. Table tennis set Beautiful


With this set, any table can be found in tennis: in addition to pairs of rackets, there is a sliding net with mounts on the table top.

If necessary, you can buy the grid separately. Or rackets. And if he comes to the store, he will find a bunch of useful accessories for home sports.

Price: 2142 1285 rub.

5. Amazfit Bip U smart watch


Affordable and matching high-quality smartwatch – more precisely, a fitness tracker in a more familiar and stylish format.

On one charge they “live” up to 3 weeks. They are able to take all the metrics available to budget devices. And he lives for a very long time.

Price: 7129 2852 rub.

6. Tuya RGB Light


Wi-Fi remote controlled outdoor spotlight: You can adjust the brightness, temperature and color of the light, as well as the time to turn on.

Involvement in the Tuya ecosystem becomes a chance event and is combined with other components.

Price: 3331 1665 rub.

7. GameSir game controller


The most advanced Chinese game: suitable for Xbox, PC and Android devices, works with macOS and other notables if necessary.

And here is an excellent return, high-quality materials and precise control. Highly recommended even with originals.

Price: 4221 3376 rub.

8. Silicone Case Store for AirPods


Funny voluminous cases stylized as a mix of cartoon phenomena or their merch.

Available options for all versions of Apple, the most suitable models.

Price: 427 294 rub.

9. DVR Azdome


Affordable recorder for FullHD recording. It works day and night, it compensates for the lack of a screen with a fast broadcast on a smartphone (and with it – in the cloud).

Owners have access to a quick dismantling of the device (it will come in handy in the configuration of the cold). There is also a parking mode.

Price: 10431 3650 rub.

10. Mileseey laser rangefinder


An affordable, but fairly accurate rangefinder for everyday use: an error of only 2 millimeters over the entire measurement range (up to 40 meters).

In addition, you can calculate the angle, perimeter and area, as well as calculate the data in memory to save your work.

Price: 3213 1125 rub.

11. Mini Drone New Dreamer


A miniature drone helicopter, in fact, a game copy, a rather profitable reconnaissance vehicle.

The presented device is a children’s toy with a good camera, but direct stabilization and short operating time. But for study it is a very good choice.

Price: 4462 1874 rub.

12. City backpack Heroic Knight


An excellent compact backpack option for everyday carrying of a backpack and a consumable set of accessories.

Its modification with an expanding volume looks very interesting – these will also fit purchases in the store after work.

Price: 6479 2851 rub.

13. Wosai cordless vacuum cleaner


A very simple kit for cleaning small areas, the amount of work and many different little things.

In the kit there is even a special container for collection, which is not detected. And a complete set of useful tips for reading fabrics, bottlenecks and even components.

Price: 1962 1177 rub.

14. Xiaomi neck massager


A small device for heating the cervical region of the spine according to a complex scenario using advanced electrodes.

The seller claims that it really allows you to get rid of the pain that accompanies sedentary work.

Price: 2458 983 rub.

15. Baseus ice scraper


The coolest scraper for cleaning car (and not only) glass. Copes even with frost, not to mention more accurate packaging.

Price: 1095 887 rub.

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